First Outdoor RC20 Controller Installations in Australia

March 2020

RC20 ,ARENA Project ,Energy Queensland ,AusNet ,University of Queensland ,Deakin University

The Golden Number of Fire Mitigation

March 2020

Fire Mitigation

Kanowna Solar Farm Connected to the MV Grid with a NOJA Power GMK

March 2020

Solar Power Station ,Solar Farm ,Kanowna ,GMK ,SF6 ,CO2

How to use an Automatic Circuit Recloser as a Remote Load Break Switch

March 2020

Load Break Switch ,SF6 ,ACR ,Automatic Circuit Recloser

Protecting the Four Wire Distribution System

February 2020

Single Triple ,USA

OSM Reclosers deployed as Renewable Connectors for 17MW Solar Power Station

January 2020

Renewable Energy ,Solar Power Station ,Renewable Connections

Thriving in High Temperature Environments

December 2019

IEC 60068-2-1 ,High Temperature

Addressing Cybersecurity in Distribution Network SCADA Systems

November 2019

Cybersecurity ,SCADA ,DNP3-SA ,IEC 62351

How to Use CMS

November 2019

Frontline Power Quality Metering

November 2019

PQS ,software

NOJA Power Releases New Mounting Bracket

October 2019

Mounting Bracket ,OMB-38 ,VT

Distributed Automation VII – Using IEC 61850 in Automation

August 2019

IEC 61850 ,Automation ,GOOSE

Distributed Automation VI – Smart Grid Automation IEC61499

August 2019

Automation ,Smart Grid ,IEC61499 ,OSM recloser ,RC Control ,SGA

Who is the Most Innovative Company in Australia?

August 2019

Australian Financial Review ,Award ,Most Innovative Company ,Arena ,Synchrophasors

Automation III – Distributed Automation

July 2019

Smart Grid ,Distributed Automation

Distribution Automation II: Using Peer to Peer Comms in a Simple Automation Scheme

July 2019

Distribution Automation ,Auto-Changeover Scheme

Demystifying Negative Phase Sequence Current Protection

May 2019

Negative Phase Sequence ,Current Protection

Sectionalising Reclosers

April 2019

Sectionaliser ,sectionalizer

Fault Passage Indication – Achieved with Distributed Recloser Assets

March 2019

Fault Passage Indication ,IEC 61499

NOJA Power Releases Cos Phi Earth Fault Algorithm for Recloser Controller Package

March 2019

Earth Fault ,Cos Phi ,RC10 ,RC15 ,Controller

Connecting Wind Farms to the Distribution Grid using Reclosers

February 2019

Wind Farms ,Phillipines ,Auto-Synchronisation ,Synchrocheck ,RC10 ,PESIN

Eskom Recloser Supply Contract Awarded to Australian and South African Partnership

February 2019

ESKOM ,22kV ,33kV ,Level4 ,B-BBEE ,OSM Reclosers

NOJA Power Achieves ISO 50001 Certification

February 2019

ISO ,500001 ,ISO14001 ,Sustainability ,switchgear ,security

Bringing Safety, Security and Simplicity to the Global Electricity Distribution Network

December 2018

OSM Reclosers ,ANSI ,RCseries ,Safety ,security

Switchgear Manufacturer achieves Certification to IEC 61850 Conformance

December 2018

RC10 ,IEC 61850 ,IEC61850 ,DNP3 ,GOOSE

NOJA Power Releases Custom CT option for OSM Reclosers

October 2018

CT ,Substation ,Capex

NOJA Power Releases Firmware for RC Series Recloser Controllers

January 2019

RC Controller ,firmware ,RC10 ,RC15

How to Achieve Prolonged Distribution Network Asset Life

September 2018

Cape Town ,South Africa ,KIPTS

Fire Risk Mitigation in Overhead Distribution Networks

August 2018

Fire Risk Mitigation ,Bushfires

Concept Primer 2: Directional Earth Fault Protection

July 2018

Directional Earth Fault ,DEF

NOJA Power’s Grand VISI-SWITCH® Tour

June 2016


What does “Integrated Solution” truly mean?

May 2018

KEMA ,Integrated Solutions

NOJA Power Releases 2018 Corporate Profile

May 2018

Corporate Profile

Evolving the User Experience

March 2018

RC10 ,RC15

How to Maintain Network Control During Outages

March 2018

UPS ,Battery Test

Season's Greetings from NOJA Power

December 2017


NOJA Power Proudly Sponsoring EECON 2018

November 2017


Nicaragua Joins the NOJA Power Family

November 2017

Nicaragua ,Impelsa ,training ,SCADA

NOJA Power Takes the Gold at 2017 Safe Work Awards

October 2017

Safe Work ,Awards ,Health ,Safety

The Premier of Queensland Opens NOJA Power Factory Expansion

October 2017

Annastacia Palaszczuk ,VISI-SWITCH®

Upgrading Substations: Cost Comparison

October 2017

Substations ,Argentina ,ENERSA

NOJA Power Celebrates Factory Grand Opening in Brazil

September 2017

Brazil ,Factory ,São Paulo ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Bruno Kimura ,Greg Wallis ,South America

New Functionality in NOJA Power’s Recloser Controller

September 2017

Relay ,firmware ,RC10 ,RC15 ,Distance to Fault ,controllers

Intelligent network control device to capture real-time data on energy networks

August 2017

Arena ,Deakin University ,University of Queesnland ,AusNet ,Energy Queensland ,AEMO ,Ivor Frischknecht ,Renewable Energy ,phasor monitoring

The Key to Quality Products

July 2017

SCI Qual International ,Quality Management System ,QMS ,ISO 9001 ,Silver Award

NOJA Power Sponsors Nikola Tesla Unlimited Mind Exhibition in Sydney Australia

July 2017

Nikola Tesla ,Unlimited Mind ,Exhibition ,Sydney ,Michael Crouch Innovation Centre ,MCIC ,University of New South Wales

The Finkel Report

June 2017

Finkel Report ,National Electricity Market ,NEM ,SF6

NOJA Power Academy

June 2017

Academy ,training ,Automatic circuit reclosers

Dealing with Inrush Currents

June 2017

inrush current ,transformer ,Inrush Restraint

NOJA Power Supports Fundraising Endeavour

June 2017

Endeavour Foundation ,Cane Toad Cruisers ,Great Endeavour Rally ,charity ,fundraising

Practical uses for IEC 61850 in Medium Voltage Reclosers

May 2017

IEC 61850 ,RC10 ,RC15 ,Recloser Controllers ,GOOSE ,MMS ,DNP3

Empower Your Business

May 2017

Medium Voltage ,ACRs ,ANSI 25 ,Synchrocheck ,Autosynchroniser ,CMS ,PQS

What Are You Missing?

May 2017

Recloser Controllers ,RC ,RC10 ,RC15 ,RC01

A Decade of Service to Chicopee Massachusetts

May 2017

Chicopee ,Massachusetts ,Electric Light Company ,CEL

Automation Unconstrained: Absolute Control

April 2017

Programmable Logic Controller ,PLC ,IEC 61499 ,RC10 ,Recloser Controller ,Smart Grid Automation ,SGA

Bright New Growth for NOJA Power in Brazil

April 2017

NOJA Power ,Brazil ,São Paulo ,Factory ,Campinas ,Bruno Kimura

Using SGA is Your Logical Answer

April 2017

Automatic circuit reclosers ,ACR ,Smart Grid ,SGA ,IEC 61499

How to save Capex on Substation Upgrades

April 2017

Capex ,Substation ,IEC61850 ,Neutral Voltage Displacement ,ANSI25 ,Synchrocheck ,HMI panel

Reclosing 101

March 2017

Distribution Network ,DNSP ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,ACRs

Latest evolution of leading Automatic Circuit Recloser firmware

March 2017

Automatic Circuit Recloser ,firmware ,high-impedance ,admittance-protection ,RC15 ,Sensitive Earth Faults ,CMS ,SEF

The Key to Detecting Broken Conductors

March 2017

Recloser Controller ,RC10 ,ANSI ,ANSI 46 BC ,Negative Phase Sequence ,Broken Conductor

The Distribution Network Solution to High Impedance Fault Detection

March 2017

Admittance Protection ,OSM Reclosers ,RC10 control ,high impedance

Artwork reveals hidden beauty of NOJA Power ACRs

February 2017

John H. Lynch ,paintings ,Albury Wodonga ,2014 FIFA World Cup ,Brazil ,Castelao Stadium ,Fortaleza ,Noosa ,Queensland ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,VISI-SWITCH®

Pennsylvania’s first NOJA Power Reclosers

February 2017

OSM ,Recloser ,Hatfield ,Pennsylvania ,switchgear ,Martin van der Linde ,Rick Campanalie

The Advantages of Vacuum Interrupter Technology in Medium Voltage Switchgear

February 2017

Sulfur Hexafluoride ,SF6 ,vacuum interrupter ,OSM ,Recloser

A Short Film on How to Install a Recloser

February 2017

Grafton ,NSW ,Australia ,Essential Energy ,OSM recloser ,installation

Meet the Team at NOJA Power

January 2017

NOJA Power ,corporate video ,OSM recloser ,VISI-SWITCH ,Load Break Switch

2017 Corporate Profile records NOJA Power’s continued investment in facilities, new product introductions and strong financial performance in distribution automation

January 2017

Corporate Profile ,ISO 9001 ,ISO 14001 ,switchgear ,Smart Grid ,VISI-SWITCH ,Load Break Switch ,LBS

NOJA Power expands its in house type testing capabilities with a new 600kV Impulse Laboratory

January 2017

Impulse Laboratory ,Power Frequency (PF) Laboratory ,BIL tests ,PF tests ,IEC/ANSI/IEEE ,600kV impulse ,200kV PF ,High Voltage

No SCADA? No Problem!

January 2017

SCADA ,RC10 ,Mobile App ,RC15

USA Substation Makeover

January 2017

Eugene ,USA ,Emerald ,EPUD ,Elmira Substation ,HMI panel ,OSM recloser ,RC10 ,substation assets

Reclosers on Holiday

December 2016

Fiji ,Fiji Electricity Authority ,FEA ,RC10 ,OSM recloser ,Suva ,Viti Levu

Getting Serious with Sparks

December 2016

Network Reliability ,Reclosing ,Smart Grid ,risk mitigation ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,bushfire mitigation

Why Remote Engineering Access Will Improve Your Bottom Line

November 2016

TasNetworks ,RC10 ,Distribution Network Service Provider ,DNSP ,Intelligent Electronic Devices ,IED ,DNP3 ,IEC60870-5-104 ,IEC61850 ,RC15 ,4G

NOJA Power's IEC 61850 Implementation is intuitive, versatile and ready to use

November 2016

Relay Firmware ,CMS ,IEC 61850 ,Intelligent Electronic Devices ,IED

NOJA Power Releases Compatibility for RC10 and RC15 controllers with Legacy OSM200 Reclosers

November 2016

RC10 ,RC15 ,Controller ,OSM200 ,Crossover Cable ,RC01

NOJA Power’s Synchronism-Check a Solution to Cyber Attack

November 2016

Automatic Circuit Recloser ,firmware ,cyber-attacks ,cyber-security ,Synchronism-Check ,Aurora ,ANSI 25 ,ANSI 25A

NOJA Power OSM Reclosers used in capacitor switching applications

October 2016

capacitor switches ,Colombia ,RC10 ,SCADA ,DNP3 ,IEC60870-5 ,IEC61850

NOJA Power OSM series ACRs bring reliable power supplies to isolated Philippine islands

October 2016

Quezon City ,Philippines ,PESIN ,National Power Corporation ,NAPOCOR ,Northern Mindanao ,Recloser Substation ,DNP3 ,2179 ,IEC61850 ,IEC60870-5-101

NOJA Power’s Tesla Training Facility has Grand Opening Event with Local Utility

October 2016

training facility ,Nikola Tesla ,RC10 ,Recloser Controller ,ANSI 25 Synchrocheck ,IEC 61499 ,IEC 61850

How Network Waitaki Ltd Provide Safe Substations

October 2016

Waitaki ,New Zealand ,Network Waitaki Ltd ,OHUG ,Substation ,Remote HMI Panel system ,Duntroon

NOJA Power Issued with a Notice of Conformity Certificate by the UK Energy Networks Association (ENA)

September 2016

Notice of Conformity ,Energy Networks Association ,United Kingdom ,ENA ,KEMA

NOJA Power® Remote Asset Management and Performance Reporting offers Unrivalled Network Analysis

September 2016

Remote Asset Management ,Performance Reporting ,Network Analysis ,SAIDI ,SAIFI ,MAIFI ,Power Quality Software ,PQS

NOJA Power OSM series ACRs help modernise Soviet era electricity distribution grids

September 2016

Baltic ,41-kV ,Vilnius ,Lithuania ,FIMA ,ACR ,Auto Recloser ,OSM38

NOJA Power OSM38 series ACRs used in compact and mobile MV substation application

September 2016

OSM38 ,Democratic Republic of Congo ,RWW Engineering ,38kV ,OSM recloser ,Portable Substations

NOJA Power’s $10 million investment in new building doubles size of company campus enhancing R&D, assembly and test facilities

August 2016

NOJA Power ,Corporate Offices ,Manufacturing Campus ,R&D ,OSM series ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,VISI-SWITCH® ,Load Break Switch

Helping Remote Generation get Connected – NOJA Power Unveils Synchrocheck in latest Recloser Controller Evolution

August 2016

ANSI 25 ,Synchro-Check ,Auto-Synchroniser ,RC10 ,Recloser Controller System ,DNP3 ,IEC61850 ,IEC60870 ,IEC61499

Major Brazilian Electric Company, Eletrobras completes a number of projects utilising NOJA Power’s Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACRs)

August 2016

Eletrobras ,Automatic Circuit Recloser ,ACR ,Eletrobras Acre Utility ,Eletrobras Distribution Amazonas

Switchgear Evolved: Hybrid Switchgear in the Modern Distribution Network

May 2016

switchgear ,Smart Grid ,Sectionaliser ,RC10

Game of Thrones – NOJA Power Recloser keeping the lights on in Dark Hedges

July 2016

Game of Thrones ,Dark Hedges ,Northern Ireland ,Recloser ,GMK ,ground mount kiosk

NOJA Power OSM Reclosers provide crucial connection in Tasmanian energy challenge

July 2016

TasNetworks ,Tasmania ,Basslink ,Hydro Tasmania

NOJA Power Building Industry Skills in Distribution System Automation

March 2016

RC10 ,Simulator ,Distribution System Automation ,DSA ,SCADA

NOJA Power Smart Grid Automation software simplifies enhanced network implementations

November 2015

Smart Grid Automation software ,Function Blocks ,IEC 61499 ,SGA

Enhanced NOJA Power control and communications cubicle for Automatic Circuit Reclosers incorporates Cellular, Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities

October 2015

Automatic circuit reclosers ,Cellular ,Wi-Fi ,GPS ,RC15 ,SCADA ,RC15 cubicle’ ,CMS

NOJA Power engineer presents at prestigious Australian electricity network protection symposium

September 2015

symposium ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,Australian Protection Symposium (APS)

NOJA Power 310 series Automatic Circuit Recloser’s DIN taper bushings simplify ground-level installations

July 2015

Automatic Circuit Recloser ,DIN taper bushings ,310 series ,ACR ,GMK

NOJA Power Automatic Circuit Reclosers selected as essential elements of Colombian smart grid installations

June 2015

Automatic circuit reclosers ,Colombia ,Smart Grid ,Energia de Pereira (EEP) ,Auto Recloser ,RC10 controllers) ,SCADA ,Electrocaquetá ,EEP

NOJA Power Brazil gains ISO 9001:2008 quality management certification

May 2015

Brazil ,ISO 9001:2008 ,certification ,South America

Latest NOJA Power distribution automation products draw the crowds at world’s premier industry fair

May 2015

OSM series ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,RC10 controllers ,ground mount kiosk ,CMS

NOJA Power introduces Spanish and Portuguese versions of Automatic Circuit Recloser configuration tools to support expanding Latin American market

May 2015

Spanish ,Portuguese ,Control and Management Software ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,ACR ,CMS ,OSM series

NOJA Power introduces upgraded compact ground mount kiosk for housing distribution network protection equipment

April 2015

ground mount kiosk ,GMK ,OSM 310 ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,RC10 cubicle

NOJA Power-sponsored tall ship, South Passage, wins class in 67th Brisbane to Gladstone Yacht Race

April 2015

South Passage ,Brisbane to Gladstone ,Yacht Race ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Oleg Samarski ,Jay Manne

NOJA Power showcases advanced Smart Grid solutions at the Hannover Fair 2015

March 2015

Smart Grid ,Hannover Fair 2015 ,Reclosing Circuit Breakers ,OSM series ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,RC10 ,Neil O’Sullivan

DNP3 User Group and NOJA Power demonstrate DNP3-SAv5 interoperability and security at DistribuTECH 2015

March 2015

DNP3 ,DNP3-SAv5 ,DistribuTECH 2015 ,RC10 control ,communication cubicle ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,SCADA ,Smart Grid

NOJA Power’s advanced logic functionality enhances Automatic Circuit Recloser flexibility in distribution automation applications

February 2015

Automatic Circuit Recloser ,ACR ,CMS ,RC10 controllers ,SCADA ,Sensitive Earth Fault (SEF) ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) ,KEMA ,Netherlands

NOJA Power Achieves Gold recognition under Queensland Government’s ‘Healthier. Happier. Workplaces’ initiative

January 2015

Gold recognition ,Queensland Government ,wellbeing ,Rabiul Alam ,Neil O’Sullivan

NOJA Power enhances industry’s most comprehensive Automatic Circuit Recloser firmware with sectionalizer functionality, dynamic directional protection and more

December 2014

Automatic Circuit Recloser ,firmware ,ACR ,RC10 ,SCADA ,OSM series ,IEC 60870-5-104/101 ,CMS ,Neil O’Sullivan ,sectionalizers

NOJA Power Opens U.S. Sales & Support Office and Gains USDA RUS Acceptance for OSM Series Automatic Circuit Reclosers

November 2014

U.S ,Sales & Support Office ,Canadian ,Caribbean ,New Alpharetta ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,ACR ,300 Series ,Single Triple

Upgraded NOJA Power OSM15 310 series Automatic Circuit Recloser passes type test for 16-kA maximum interrupt rating

November 2014

OSM15 ,310 series ,ACR ,Automatic Circuit Recloser ,KEMA ,Netherlands ,IEC/IEEE

NOJA Power Achieves Highly Commended Status in Queensland Safe Work Awards 2014

November 2014

Queensland Safe Work Awards ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Oleg Samarski ,Quynh Anh Le ,Rabiul Alam

NOJA Power IEC61850 GOOSE messaging enables real time communications between osm reclosers

October 2014

IEC61850 ,GOOSE ,David Dart ,R&D ,PHPTOC3 ,Smart Grid

NOJA Power installation video for OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers simplifies customer training

October 2014

installation video ,OSM series ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,RC10

NOJA Power unveils support for IEC 61850 on its OSM series Automatic Circuit Reclosers

July 2014

IEC 61850 ,Smart Grid ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,Generic Object-Oriented System Event (GOOSE)

NOJA Power circuit breakers standing guard over Castelao Stadium in Fortaleza during the Brazil vs Mexico World Cup game

June 2014

Castelao Stadium ,Fortaleza ,Brazil ,Mexico ,World Cup ,Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) ,OSM15 ,Bruno Kimura ,KEMA

NOJA Power adds Negative Phase Sequence protection to industry’s most comprehensive Automatic Circuit Recloser firmware

June 2014

Negative Phase Sequence ,Automatic Circuit Recloser ,CMS ,RC10 ,Neil O’Sullivan

NOJA Power demonstrates safety benefits of arc fault containment and venting in solid dielectric Automatic Circuit Reclosers

May 2014

Arc fault containment ,Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) ,Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6)

300 series single triple ACR from NOJA Power meets demands of U.S. electricity distribution sector

March 2014

Single Triple Automatic Circuit Recloser ,ACR ,Sulphur hexafluoride ,SF6 ,David Dart ,R&D

NOJA Power recognised as pioneering Queensland Workplace for Wellness in government presentation

November 2013

Queensland Workplace ,Queensland Government ,Healthy Worker ,Neil O’Sullivan

NOJA Power PC-based software automates power quality analysis

October 2013

software ,power quality ,PQS

NOJA Power ACRs in series with disconnect links meet IEC 60071 insulation co-ordination safety standards

September 2013

ACR ,Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) ,Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) ,SF6 ,Greenhouse-gas

Updated NOJA Power Electrical Utility Linesman software app now manages multiple ACRs, increasing onsite network visibility

September 2013

Electrical Utility Linesman ,software ,iPhone ,iPad ,iPad mini ,recloser app

Updated NOJA Power ACR Control and Management Software Suits Portable Computing

August 2013

ACR Control ,Management Software (CMS) ,OSM Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR) ,SCADA ,Neil O’Sullivan

NOJA Power ACRs’ enhanced features improve distribution grid reliability

July 2013

OSM ,ACR ,Temporary Time Addition ,OSM15 ,OSM27 ,OSM38

NOJA Power confirms US$12 million contract to help improve safety and reliability of Brazil’s electricity supply

July 2013

Brazil ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,Eletrobras ,Smart Grid ,OSM15 ,OSM38 ,Automatic Circuit Reclosers (ACR)

NOJA Power Start Search for next power engineering cadet

July 2013

engineering cadet ,Jay Manne ,R&D

NOJA Power Reclosers feed power to new £12.5M Electricity Grid Research Centre in Scotland

June 2013

Recloser ,Electricity Grid ,Research Centre ,Scotland ,PNDC

NOJA Power software app enhances Electrical Utility Linesman job safety by enabling wireless remote control of reclosers

June 2013

software ,app ,recloser app ,Automatic Circuit Recloser ,ACR ,Apple ,iPhone ,iPod touch ,iPad ,Neil O’Sullivan

Using smart grid to mitigate the impact of electric vehicles on future electricity demand

May 2013

Smart Grid ,Electric vehicle ,Mitsubishi i-MiEV ,Neil O’Sullivan ,ACR ,OSM recloser

Carbon emission reductions by the implementation of a smart grid

April 2013

Smart Grid ,ACR ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Carbon emission

Recloser Connects Renewable Energy to Smart Grid - Recloser connects Thomson Reservoir’s 8 MW induction generation plant to Victorian distribution grid

March 2013

Recloser ,Renewable Energy ,Smart Grid ,Thomson Reservoir ,OSM38 ,Melbourne ,ACR ,Shane Gorman

NOJA Power backs call for IEC 61850 to extend beyond automated electricity substations to coordinate communication between future grids’ FPIR equipment

February 2013

IEC 61850 ,Fault Protection ,Isolation and Restoration ,Smart Grid ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,OSM Reclosers

NOJA Power wins Exporter of the Year in Premier of Queensland’s Export Awards 2012

November 2012

Exporter of the Year ,Awards ,Campbell Newman ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Oleg Samarski ,Jay Manne ,Quynh Anh Le

Smart Grid Video Launched

August 2012

Smart Grid ,Video

'Self healing' key to meeting smart grid promise

August 2012

Smart Grid ,Self healing ,reclosers ,Oleg Samarski ,Neil O’Sullivan

New Product Launch - NOJA Power Single Phase Automatic Circuit Recloser Available for Order

January 2012

Single Phase Automatic Circuit Recloser ,Smart Grid ,OSM recloser

NOJA Power New Brazilian Office Factory Empowering Latin American Utilities

January 2012

Brazil ,OSM Reclosers ,RC10 ,Smart Grid ,Bruno Kimura ,Neil O´Sullivan

NOJA Power Supplies Reliable Power to FIFA World Cup Tournament

September 2011

FIFA ,World Cup ,OSM Auto Recloser ,Columbia ,U-20

NOJA Power OSM38 Recloser now available in an 800A model with expanded production capacity

September 2011

OSM38 ,Recloser ,Factory ,Murarrie ,Brisbane

NOJA Power OSM Automatic Recloser the Perfect Building Block for Smart Grid

August 2011

OSM Automatic Recloser ,Smart Grid ,Distribution System Automation ,DSA ,OSM recloser

RC10 Smart Cubicle available for broader community base

August 2011

RC10 ,Smart Cubicle ,OSM15 ,OSM27 ,Smart Grid

NOJA Power’s New Recloser Control Cubicle for Smart Grids

April 2011

RC-10 ,Control Cubicle ,SCADA

132kV Protection and Control Enclosures for Endeavour Energy

March 2011

Endeavour Energy ,Substation Control ,Protection Switchboard

NOJA Power Commissioned to Supply Switchboard For Airport Link Project

March 2011

Airport Link ,Thiess-John Holland

AMPLA Smart Grid Initiative

December 2010

AMPLA ,Smart Grid ,OSM Reclosers ,Bruno Kimura ,Oleg Samarski ,Brian O´Sullivan ,OSM15 ,SCADA ,DNP3 ,TELUS

NOJA POWER Expands its Type Testing Capabilities

December 2010

Type Test ,Impulse Test Laboratory ,Salt Fog Test ,IEC ,ANSI/IEEE

NOJA Power's Commitment to Sustainability -Accrediting ISO14001

November 2010

ISO14001 ,EMS ,Rabiul Alam

NOJA Power elevated to National Master Electrician Status

July 2010

Master Electricians ,Neil O'Sullivan

NOJA POWER OSM38 KEMA Type Testing Completed

June 2010

OSM38 ,KEMA ,Type Testing ,Netherlands

NOJA Power Motor Control Centres Empowers Queensland Coal Export

March 2010

Motor Control Centre ,Abbot Point ,MCC switchgear

NOJA Power Auto Recloser Perfect Solution For Sectionalising

March 2010

Smart Grid ,OSM Reclosers ,SF6 ,Arc Fault Containmen

TELUS and OSM Reclosers Provide Smart Grid Solution

February 2010

TELUS ,OSM Reclosers ,Smart Grid ,SCADA ,DNP3

NOJA Power Auto Recloser Operating Smart Grids Below Freezing

January 2010

Auto Recloser ,Europe ,winter ,GSM modems ,DNP3 ,Modbus ,SCADA

NOJA Power Winner of The 2009 Prime Minister’s Australian Exporter Of The Year Award

November 2009

Winner 2009 ,Australian Exporter Of The Year Award ,Simon Crean ,CanberraNeil O’Sullivan ,Oleg Samarski ,Jay Manne ,Quynh Anh Le

NOJA Power Winner of the 2009 Premier of Queensland's Exporter of the Year Award

October 2009

Queensland Exporter of the Year Award ,Neil O’Sullivan

KANBAN & LEAN Manufacturing Improve Productivity

August 2009


NOJA Power OSM27 Type Tested at KEMA

August 2009

OSM27 Recloser ,KEMA ,CEMIG

NOJA Power New Corporate Office & Factory

August 2009

NOJA Power ,Factory ,Murarrie ,Brisbane

NOJA Power Reclosers to Increase Network Reliability in Brazil

February 2009

Brazil ,CEMIG ,Bruno Kimura ,SCADA

Powerco Successfully Commissions Automatic Backfeed Restoration Scheme

February 2009

Powerco ,Automatic Backfeed Restoration Scheme ,SCADA ,SAIDI

NOJA Power Continues to Supply MCCs for Abbot Point Coal Export Upgrade

February 2009

MCC ,Abbot Point ,Sprecher and Schuh ,CEP7 C3 ,Australia ,Asia-Pacific Regions

MCC Switchboards for John Holland

November 2008

MCC Switchboards ,John Holland

Factory Expansion Increases Production Capabilities

September 2008

Factory ,NOJA Power

NOJA Powers Brisbane Clem Jones Tunnel

August 2008

Clem Jones Tunnel ,NOJA Power ,South Bypass Tunnel

NOJA Power Commended for Manufacturing Endeavours

June 2008

Endeavour Awards ,Neil O'Sullivan ,NOJA Power ,Sunil Aranha

OSM Recloser helps Mine through Bat Season

June 2008

OSM recloser ,Bats ,Australia ,Darwin

NOJA Power Awarded for Continued Exporting Excellence

April 2008

Export Awards 2008 ,NOJA Power

Solid-Dielectric ACR Installation Improves Distribution Network Reliability

March 2008

Solid-Dielectric ACR ,OSM recloser ,FEA ,Fiji

NOJA Power Switchgear Pty Ltd Appoints Exclusive Distributor for the Territory of New Zealand

October 2007

OHUG Power Equipment ,New Zealand ,OSM15 ,OSM27 ,reclosers

Fiji Electricity Authority Contract Award

September 2007

Fiji ,FEA ,reclosers ,SCADA system

ENERGEX Reaps Benefits of OSM Installations

September 2007

ENERGEX ,OSM Reclosers ,South East Queensland

Planning for the future: Water Matters

August 2007

Abigroup Contractors ,Aquatec Maxcon ,Cleveland Bay ,Wastewater Treatment ,Arc Fault

ETSA Utilities Award 5 Year Supply Contract

August 2007

ETSA ,Award ,OSM15 Recloser ,Arc Fault Controlled ,Solid Dielectric ,DNP3

Exponor Conference - Chile

August 2007

Exponor Conference ,Chile ,Antofagasta ,Neil O'Sullivan ,Comulsa ,OSM recloser

Gold Coast Airport upgrades using OSM Recloser

January 2007

Gold Coast Airport ,OSM recloser ,Shane Gorman

Keeping the lights and heaters on in Europe's winter

November 2006

OSM Reclosers ,Finland ,Europe ,OSM27 ,GSM modems

NOJA Power receives AEEMA Excellence in Exporting Award 2006

November 2006

AEEMA ,Exporting Award ,Dr John Zillman ,Neil O’Sullivan ,Australian Government

Trinidad & Tobago Electricity take delivery of NOJA Power OSM Reclosers

November 2006

Trinidad & Tobago ,T&TEC ,TELUS ,OSM15 ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,SCADA

NOJA Power Welcomes New Member to Sales Team

September 2006

Shane Gorman ,Australian Electricity Utility

Fiji Electricity Authority Remote Controls NOJA Power Reclosers

August 2006

TELUS ,SCADA ,Fiji ,FEA ,Oleg Samarski ,DNP3

New Shipment to Bangladesh

July 2006

REB Bangladesh ,OSM recloser ,OSM15

A global bank to support a global business

June 2006

auto-recloser ,Neil O'Sullivan ,Quynh Anh Le ,ANZ

Standardised Motor Control Centre Design Guarantees Quality Result

June 2006

Motor Control Centre ,switchboards

Think Motor Control Centres - Think NOJA Power

May 2006

Motor Control Centres ,switchboards ,Arc fault containment

132kV Substation Protection and SCADA control project

May 2006

Substation ,SCADA ,LV Motor Control Centre

Reliable Power Thanks To NOJA Power Reclosers

May 2006

Kimberley ,Nickel Mines ,Automatic circuit reclosers ,Oleg Samarski ,TELUS

NOJA Power Helps To See The Light

May 2006

NOJA Power ,SCADA ,auto-reclosers

Live Line Work: Is Your Switchgear Fault Contained?

May 2006

auto-reclosers ,SF6 ,Sulphur hexafluoride ,Arc fault containment ,NOJA Power